Call Us! Even if it’s Just to Talk

small business online image illustration by Seaberry Design

We love having conversations with people about what we do. When I explain that we are a design studio, most often people will say, “So you do logos, advertising, and design my sales stuff, right? You make my business look good?” And the answer is yes, we do that and so much more. Some of our clients have even remarked that our designers seem like magicians, making concepts appear out of nowhere that somehow are the perfect thing for their business.

But what many may not realize is, no matter how complex the project that we bring our imaginations to, for us, the journey to designing the perfect collateral for your business starts with one simple and very important thing — listening.

In many ways we are like creative psychologists. We spend a lot of time listening to the ideas, hopes, and dreams our clients have about their business and then reflect those thoughts back in innovative ways they can take to market and be successful.

Think of it this way. We’re inspired by you. And that’s where the magic is. We know having a business and coming up with ideas on how to service people is hard work that requires lots of creative energy and we feed off of that. Our creative concepts are born out of what we heard as we listened intently during your discovery session. They are the reflection of you, your business, and your ideas. Revisions are the tweaking of your dream. Delivery of the final product is the fulfillment of your ideas — the visual realization of the connection you want to create with your customer or prospect. All of the steps in our process, from discovery to delivery, go smoothly because our most important job is to listen to and understand you.

Your success depends on being able to sit on a creative couch and pour your heart out, and on trusting that when you do, you’ll get the creative answer that means your goals are realized.

Think of us as your best friend. We’re the extension of your imagination into the marketplace — the channel through which you communicate the way your products and services change peoples’ lives for the better.

We’re here for you. So, call us. Even if it’s just to talk.