Seaberry Design — Colorful. Cultured. Creative.

We’re fueled by a commitment to crafting original works that are vibrant, stimulating, innovative and smart, and inspired by a belief that every brand, logo, report, infographic, video or website we design is more than an image, or the melding of pictures, words and graphics — it’s an opportunity to ensure our client expands their footprint in the market and deepens their connections with the people, institutions, and communities that matter to them.

We’re African-American owned and women owned with a diverse staff that is deeply committed to cultural sensitivity, inclusion and accessibility in all that we design.

We bring our imagination to:
Identity design. Packaging design. Products. Publications. Environmental graphics. Wayfinding systems. Reports. BrochuresPosters. Illustrations. WebsitesAnimated video. Promotional and cause-based documentary video. Exhibits. Information graphics and so much more.


Our Process

We’re dedicated to providing an exceptional user experience. That’s why the Seaberry process has been carefully constructed to maximize creativity and collaboration and unite all team members around a shared goal – the success of your project.

We know how important communication is throughout a graphic design project.
Guessing is not a good idea. Communication helps us clearly understand your need. Now we can design a solution.

Every graphic design project has a purpose and a place. We’ll dig deep into your brand, your audience and your mission, to uncover insights that will drive design.

User centered experts, creative directors and brand strategists all gather to solve challenges and envision concepts. This is the energy that supercharges the design process

Graphic designers. Using color, line, shape texture. Creating moving imagery that changes how people see, explore, and interact with you, your company, product or purpose. Design…It’s a beautiful thing.

The celebration of creation. The group hug of successful design. Getting together with you to review and put the finishing touches on your project is a party we look forward to.

The launch of a successful project. Like any good graphic design agency, we’ll primp, polish and package,and finally deliver your shiny new design. Ready to change the world.


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