Anacostia Waterfront Trust

Discover Your Anacostia RiverParks Poster Series

The history and future of Washington, D.C., is inextricably linked to the Anacostia River. A long-neglected waterway that divides the city’s established western and underserved eastern neighborhoods, the river has a network of overlooked recreational spaces where the city can come together. 

The Anacostia Waterfront Trust (AWT) was created in 2014  to focus much-needed attention on the Anacostia River and its RiverParks. It promotes the creation of a world-class Anacostia waterfront that enhances equity, improves resilience and unites the District of Columbia.

Seaberry designed the Rediscover Anacostia RiverParks poster series as part of an AWT grant proposal to launch a citywide promotion encouraging residents and visitors to: Rediscover Anacostia’s RiverParks: Play Anacostia; Picnic Anacostia, Walk Anacostia, Bike Anacostia, Fish Anacostia, Meet Anacostia, Know Anacostia, Paddle Anacostia. 

The posters were designed to speak to the AWT vision and to celebrate the 100th anniversary of  the federal designation of Anacostia Park, reminding residents of how a revitalized Anacostia River waterfront will reinforce Washington’s identity as a diverse, unified and thriving city.