Bold, Unfiltered, Excellence: A Profile in Creativity

Photo of Graphic Designer Monica Seaberry on her graphic design Studio

Monica Seaberry has always communicated with the world through color. 

News articles from the 1980’s praised her work as “brash, bouncy, bold,” and “submersed in a sea of color.” At that time she was fresh out of grad school, with a master’s degree in fine art, and on a mission to discover what she called “the truth”. “I wanted to get the essence of things,” she says. It was the very beginning of her career, but her innate understanding of color was already the driving force in her work.

Today, Seaberry Design, the award-winning creative agency Monica founded in 2008, is a reflection of her style. The company’s tagline is “Colorful. Cultured. Creative.” Three simple words that have always been at the heart of Monica’s design philosophy are now an integral part of the company’s culture. “I like to bring the color into it,” she says. “I think that comes from the fine art background that you know, the sky’s the limit.”

Every day Monica leads her team of designers on an exploration of hues and shades, vivid and unfiltered. Her journey has unlocked a unique understanding  —  communication is most successful and impactful, when done with bold colors, unconstrained creativity, and a true respect for how beautiful diversity is in all its forms — from colors to thought to people. That is the fuel that drives Seaberry Design’s success.

“It’s exciting work,” Monica says. “We get to take what we learn about our clients and mold it into something like a painting, something that communicates who they are. What colors will we use? What image will that give audiences? And how will it make them feel?” 

40 years since the start of her career and Monica is still “submersed in a sea of color,” communicating with the world the way she always has.