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Repurposing Old Content and Packaging it in New Ways

Seaberry Design Image Refreshing your content

As designers we like to take cues from the world around us. So when spring floods us with beautiful signs of growth and renewal we look for ways to bring some fresh energy into the marketing mix for our clients

One easy method we highly recommend is to repurpose and repackage old content. Just like mother nature, we take something dormant and old and breathe new life into it, to grow an audience or cultivate a brand new one.

The effort can be as small as revisiting old newsletters, and repackaging them for your social media channels or curating a space for them on your website. Or, it can be as big as taking old and unused content and developing a whole new experience around it.

Our Director of User Centered Design, Laate Olukotun, just recently wrapped up a repurposing project for one of our partners, the Federal City Council. The organization had a number of videos sitting in their dropbox, that they would send out links to via e-mail. So we worked with them to design and create an online platform where their online community could get access to archived video content and experience it in a brand new, sophisticated, and cataloged way.


No matter how you do it, the benefits of repurposing your content are real:

  • It Saves You Time: Time is precious and you don’t always have the availability to dive deep into a new content creation process. Revamping or repackaging old work can put you in the fast lane to finished, shareable content.
  • It Makes Good Content Great: Chances are what you made before was pretty great and if it wasn’t it may just need a little boost or update to achieve greatness.
  • It Captures New Audience Members: An original piece of content may have reached only one group of customers on one platform. Repurposing content for different mediums and channels, and even updating how it is packaged, can help you reach new audiences.
  • Repetition Works: The more your audience receives your message the more likely it is to sink in.

Where to start? Here are few easy ways you can give old content new life:

Got Videos?

  • Convert your video content into blog posts
  • Transform your videos into short Instagram reels
  • Create a home for your social media videos on your website
  • Turn information dense videos into webinars
  • Turn videos of customer testimonials into ads

Got Newsletters?

  • Link to previous content in a “Roundup Newsletter”
  • Make new YouTube videos or Instagram reels out of old newsletter topics
  • Summarize newsletter content in an Instagram carousel
  • Design a custom home for your newsletters on your website
  • Use old pieces of content as the foundation for an email course

Old Blog Posts?

  • Create a Slideshare presentation
  • Take your content that provides educational value and turn it into an ebook
  • Take powerful thoughts or quotes and design social media posts around them
  • Record audio versions of your blog post
  • Republish your content on Medium, LinkedIn and more

And as always, don't hesitate to reach out. We’ll help you figure out what to do.