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Is Investing in Graphic Design Worth It?

Seaberry Design Image five reasons to invest in graphic design

It’s easy for businesses to overlook the importance of investing in great design but here are 5 reasons why this investment can pay big dividends.


First impressions count..

Everybody is a consumer, everyone makes choices — even you — and consumers naturally understand how important a good first impression is when choosing products and services. Whether they are looking at a new product line, searching for a place to eat, or visiting a new company’s website, the initial feelings consumers get about a brand are based on its visual design and how attracted customers are to it. One study found that web users form an opinion of a company after just 50 milliseconds of landing on a website. So that first impression can make or break your business pretty quickly. Making sure that the visuals you use resonate with your audience is essential in getting them to choose your business. 

Graphic design strengthens your brand name

Savvy customers expect your brand to be consistent. In movies, when an actor’s shirt or hair suddenly shifts from one camera angle to another, audiences call foul. Their brains glitch for a second and their focus shifts to whether there will be other gaffs. But when scenes flow easily from one to the next, the story becomes powerful. The same is true with graphic design. When audiences see something they like – and it is executed flawlessly again and again – they remember it. Investing in great design and keeping that design consistent across platforms gives your audience something to remember you by. The more customers recognize you, the more reasons they’ll have to think about you and interact with you.

Good design sells

Like having a website and a company email, a polished brand image shows customers you are professional and know how to run your business, and that sells. When customers see high quality branding and visuals they perceive your offerings to be of the same great quality, which puts you more in demand and able to command higher prices for your products and services. 


Graphic design builds a stronger team

Employees want to work for a company they can be proud of. Visual elements like a strong logo and branding, polished and modern marketing materials, branding displayed throughout the office, even company t-shirts, show your team members you are confident in the business and its future and makes them feel they are working for a company that is worth their time and effort. That translates to a more motivated team, a boost in retention, and an overall better reputation for your company.

Collaborative work personalized for your business

With a graphic design agency by your side you get a full team of professionals that will spend time studying your business, your market, your needs and your goals. Designers collaborate with you and share ideas on exactly how to create your vision and communicate it to your customers. Best of all, their creative work is custom, and tailored to fit exactly what you're looking for, all while using on trend, professional design that is sure to increase sales.


Get started on making a great first impression!