Daily Archives: January 21, 2021

In the New Normal, Do These Three Things

small business online image illustration by Seaberry Design

2020 brought a ton of changes to business environments, especially in terms of communication. Nearly all relationships, between employers and employees and between businesses and customers migrated online in one way or another.

It seems no business sector is exempt. As graphic designers, our clients span many industries including the government, education, retail, service and nonprofit sectors. Most are small businesses and each one is feeling the impact of these challenging times. But, while difficult, 2020 also ushered in a new normal, and as we look ahead to the future and the promise of relief for small businesses, perhaps it’s time to shift our focus to just what changes from this past year will stick and provide us with better ways to gain, retain and service clients. As always, we at Seaberry are happy to share anything we find that will contribute to the success of small businesses.

There are three practices that we think are “keepers” for our clients and for us, as we look forward to new ways of doing business. 

Focus on the Customers You Have
During recent times small businesses especially have struggled to bring in new customers. Don’t stop reaching out! But also try focusing more on the customers you already have — those who are still with you despite the impact of the pandemic. Keep creating new services for them, design online advertising campaigns that meet your current customers' needs. Loyal customer appreciation pays off during unstable times and beyond. You may even see an uptick in new prospects from client referrals.

Create New Social Media Campaigns
Create social media campaigns designed to reach your customers where they are. Most people are working from home at the moment and that’s likely to continue in some form in the future. So, give your customers a way to meet you and conduct business with you online. Focus more on ecommerce trends and channels. Traffic in these areas has skyrocketed since the pandemic and experts see this as a robust and continuing trend. Graphic design is important here. Use the power of well-designed ads and other visuals to increase your message impact and penetration. There are some great digital marketing tools out there. You can also find online tools to automate email and handle appointments. If there is one thing we have learned from the pandemic, it’s that there is a lot we can do online.

Use Facebook, Google Ads and YouTube
Online ads are great ways to remind people that you are still in business and that you intend to be a big part of their new normal. Facebook ads and Google ads are affordable and can help you showcase your business. And as always, good graphic design is your friend. Eye catching visuals, both graphic and video, are an important part of delivering effective messaging. You might want to take the time to give existing videos an overhaul to reflect your customers’ current priorities and interests and demonstrate how your business can help them.

Remember We Are Here to Help
Seaberry has always been a partner to small businesses. We are happy to answer your design questions and to help you have more success in the marketplace. Sign up for a free 15-minute call. We are glad to hear what you have in mind and to contribute our experience to your success.