We are communication designers helping our clients do their best work in the marketplace—communicating their best intentions. We design connections and relationships to products and services that positively impact the lives of customers.

The award-winning Seaberry team is comprised of proven professionals with expertise in graphic design, marketing, communications, photography and video production. Our four-step process of discovery, assessment, analysis and creation yields powerful brands, publications, advertising, digital and print campaigns, and other collateral that advance our clients' initiatives.

Our Process

Discovery. A collaborative meeting between Seaberry’s lead designer and your team. It’s not only for our designer to understand your overall project, but also to discern the project’s purpose and its position in support of your mission. Discovery includes conducting a review session to study your brand and its promise to your audience.

Assessment. We conduct an audit of previous materials to benchmark your collateral content, usage and impact on your success. It’s where we look at all of your audiences, determine what drives them and how the materials work together to achieve organizational goals.

Analysis. All that we’ve gathered is distilled and transformed into a design strategy. We also develop and present concepts for your current project and guidelines for any additional collateral.

Creation. All of the work of Discovery, Assessment and Analysis is turned into collateral materials that are contemporary, influential and aligned with your strategic mission and value proposition.