Why You Need a Chief Design Officer

Graphic design is playing a larger role in businesses, and government. With an increased dependence on design comes the need for consistent messaging and proper brand management. There is also the need for the management of people within the organization who may want to impose their own ideas of what works for the brand, changing your organization's established brand and promise.

CDO's Make Sure Graphic Design is Consistent

When too many people are communicating with audiences, pushing their own messages in their own way, a lot of confusion can ensue. Someone thinks a border would look better here, or that a script font there is just the right touch. The result is a brand that becomes distorted and messaging that goes off track.

Publishing a brand manual is not enough if there is no one keeping track of collateral development and dissemination. You need a chief design officer (CDO). Yes, you read correctly. The CDO is responsible for reviewing all design including product design, graphic design, and package design. They should also be the liaison between your organization and your graphic design firm for all aspects of advertising and marketing.

For larger companies it’s a corporate title and a full-time job. For smaller organizations it can be part of the marketing or communications director’s job. No matter where it fits, it’s an important position that prevents too many cooks from spoiling the broth. This single position should be the only interface between your employees and the internal graphic design crew or the communications design firm hired by your organization.

Appointing a CDO is the best insurance against damage to your brand and messaging that’s difficult to repair.

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