Stay Social (even at a distance)

We Can Still #STAYSOCIAL (even at a distance)

-By Toren Beasley

Everyone at Seaberry Design wants you to be safe and calm during this challenging time. Avoid close contact, wash your hands and follow expert advice. 

Be social, even from a distance
To avoid the negative effects of social distancing, we’re using our creative energy to curate all kinds of fun things to share with people we miss and with people we’ll meet during this unique period. So, we invite you to visit our #STAYSOCIAL page at

Friends, family, clients, and passersby can download and share anything you find to your heart’s content. We’re adding fun messages, factual graphics, and even links to trusted sites as often as we can.

Managing our own creativity
To manage the potential effects of Covid-19 on teamwork, we’ve temporarily closed our physical space and launched a virtual creative studio. We still meet every day — clients and designers — each in our individual capsules — staying connected, creative, excited and having fun, even though we're not in our material space. You can still get in touch with us the way you always have. And we can still design whatever you need to keep in touch with your audiences, members, customers, and even your family. 

The virtual experience reminds us of how social human beings are. How much we need each other to stay connected, to stay sane and to have fun! That’s why we decided to create a safe social space. If quarantine and social distance has you fed up, #STAYSOCIAL with Seaberry and keep your head up.

 --Toren is Chief Operating Officer at Seaberry Design

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