The One Chart You Cannot Live Without

We all agree that business processes need continuous improvement. Organizations are always looking for ways to minimize inefficiencies. One way to support consistency to the workplace is to create a work process flowchart of your business.

Flow Chart Graphic by Seaberry Design

 We’re talking about a big paste-on-the-wall chart that will clarify the understanding of business activities, define roles and responsibilities, and help identify issues like bottlenecks that keep things from running smoothly. Larger companies can break out processes by department. Small companies and departments can structure the chart by employee.

An employee onboarding process flow chart is extremely valuable to companies large and small. Create a giant chart that hangs in a strategic place in your office and make individual copies for cubicles and work areas. In addition to explaining the organizational flow, the chart should list each employee, clearly spell out their duties and have color coded avatars so an employee can follow his track in the workflow process. When a new staff member comes in, the infographic helps with the onboarding process by making the new employee feel like a part of the team from the beginning.

Keeping process flow charts in plain site is an easy way to motivate new hires, helping them to add value to your business right away. Process flow charts are also great refreshers for seasoned members of the team—maintaining efficient workflows and keeping employees from crossing boundaries.

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