Design for a Better Customer Experience

Looking for a way to design a better customer experience?  Taking a look at customer touchpoints might be great place to start. Touchpoints—the interactions your customers have with your business—can be business cards, brochures, flyers, your web site or anything that helps customers choose you over the competition.

Design touchpoints to improve the customer experience

Your goal is to design the touchpoint for the channel where the interaction takes place. For example, a paper brochure or flyer is designed to be delivered by mail. An online ad is designed for the web. If you want to improve interactions with your customers, you will want to pay close attention to how each piece is designed and to what message they send. You will be counting on customer touchpoints to communicate the promise of a rewarding experience with your product or service. 

Work with a graphic designer to create powerful visual interactions with your customers. Decide what need is driving the customer interaction and where and when the interaction takes place. Collaborating with a designer and understanding what you want each interaction to do, will help to deliver better, more meaningful and endearing customer experiences. 

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