Seaberry illustration of layout design and graphics

Annual Reports, Magazines and White Papers

Seaberry illustration of layout design and graphics

Annual Reports, Magazines and White Papers are the Windows to Your Organization's Soul

In the last months of 2020, we heard from a lot of subscribers who downloaded our Build Better Word Docs publication. We are so happy that our tips were helpful and that so many of you were able to use them. Good luck creating handsome, more readable and thus, more credible, in-house documents!

Some of our readers asked about how to make more beautiful customer, industry and market facing documents. So we thought, what the heck, we’ll tell you how we do it.

The process for getting the most out of your annual reports, magazines or white papers is a little long.  So, we put together a short list of tools and added a document you can download.

Publications provide value

Your publications are more than just monthly or yearly projects. They are important windows into your organization. Publications illustrate, with great pride, the value your organization brings to your clients, supporters, the industry and the marketplace.

Well-designed publications — annual reports, white papers or magazines — tell complex stories, accentuate achievements and illustrate key metrics. These tools showcase organizational performance, financial standing and strategic direction.

Too often, though, anemic graphic design and humdrum messaging lessen the publication’s effectiveness and diminish achievements for your readers. Your audience will judge the excellence of your work by the quality of your publication. Everything that makes you proud of your organization comes to life with great design and exceptional storytelling. If you want to create publications that mirror your work and elevate your reputation, make sure these four items are part of your publication toolkit .

• Inventive design and graphics
• Innovative storytelling
• Savvy content strategy
• Expert project management

If you would like to know how we use these tools, we explain it here.