Faces of Antibiotic Resistance


Report: Faces of Antibiotic Resistance


Infectious Diseases Society of America

Project description | Design report and create infographic timeline of antibiotic resistance


Case description | Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a growing threat to the United States health care system.From the 2016 discovery of the highly resistant mcr-1 gene in the US to the 2017 death of a Nevada woman due to an infection resistant to all available antibiotics, the AMR crisis is receiving increasing public attention antibiotic resistance alone accounts for at least 23,000 deaths, over 2 million illnesses, and over $20 billion in unnecessary health care costs each year.

IDSA asked Monica Seaberry to design the FOAR report, highlighting the individual stories of people, who suffered through the ordeal of resistant infections. Seaberry also created the two-page infographic tracing the development of antibiotic resistance. Monica chose the Veneer font by Yellow Design Studio because the "rough" nature of the font "made the individual struggles with antibiotic resistance real for the reader." The blue hue layered over the patient's photos placed them in the state of curative uncertainty that is the nature of fighting resistant infections. Adding to the report's urgent message is the two-page infographic timeline of the development of Antimicrobial resistance. Seaberry created an illustration of bacteria, around which the timeline of the introduction of antibiotics, and the history of antibiotic resistance is wrapped.



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